Dynasty: How a TV Show Changed the Game of Fashion

10 May, 2016

In the first years of Chandelier, when you signed on to become a full-time employee, you received a complete series Dynasty box set as your welcome present. We have always been die-hard evangelists for the iconic 1980s TV show and its impact on fashion, economy, couture, and television, so we were delighted to have Dynasty expert Laura Helms come obsess with us for one of our most popular talks ever.

Sweeping through the last 30 years of culture, Laura showed us exactly why Dynasty was the most-watched TV show at the time, and how its impact started conversations on conservative politics and capitalism—not to mention custom gowns. The show’s costume designer Nolan Miller received thousands of letters a month asking where they could get reproductions of the one-of-a-kind outfits Dynasty’s stars wore on the screen. But real question is: where do we get all of Alexis Carrington’s hats?

Words by The Editors.

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