Afterpay is a disruptor. Founded in Australia, the financial platform has radically redefined what ‘buy now, pay later’ means, with an empowering, no-interest system. Their aims are equitable and audacious: freeing the world from credit card debt to build a more transparent economy for all. So, when they approached us to launch a new global position and identity, we knew we had to engage emotionally, cutting through culture and upending the category’s transactional, vapid norms.

Afterpay’s audience are whiz-kids. Analytical and no-BS. They’ve inherited a financial mess, and now demand companies take action, putting people and sustainability over profit. We knew our brand anthem had to center them—their dreams and goals—and position Afterpay as a brand in service of that, instead of the bottom line. Our GO AFTER IT tagline celebrated a future-present for Gen Z defined by freedom, instead of doubt, debt and fear. The anthemic, poetic campaign spanned social channels, and connected TV, digital video and OOH in cities like New York, Portland, San Francisco, Columbus, Seattle, and Minneapolis.

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