Barbie: Reshaping an Icon

We've all wanted her car, horse, and boyfriend, but we didn't all have her figure. The team at Barbie knew the world's favorite doll needed an update, so Barbie was reimagined in a range of new body silhouettes. We introduced Barbie's new shapes to the world with the help of Amanda de Cadenet and a few of her friends. Gwen Stefani and Queen Latifah shared personal stories with the guests, representing industries from film to fashion to finance and beyond. Guests received custom-embossed boxes with each of the new dolls, accompanied by limited-edition prints by acclaimed fashion photographer Zoe Ghertner. The activation resulted in 40 million global video views, 5,000 stories, and 5.6 billion media impressions globally. And landed Barbie on the cover of Time magazine. Nice job, girl.

"We said to our teams, ‘If you could start the brand over today and you didn’t have any rules, you could do whatever you wanted, what would you do?'"

Kim Culmone, head of design at Barbie

"It’s a big deal that they’re risking making this kind of change. Young girls are going to see themselves reflected in her new crew and that is what’s so important."

Amanda de Cadenet, InStyle

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