Belvedere, an LVMH spirit triple-distilled from pure Polska rye and natural well water, is the world’s only truly luxury vodka—but that message was getting lost amid a stream of celebrity endorsements. They asked us to create a global, more ownable brand platform, and world, that could transcend the category and reclaim their place on top, plus tap into the millennial market.

We honed in on their core elements—forged from Polska rye and purified water, distilled by fire—to create an enduring, emotionally-rousing platform with cinematic potential. ‘MADE WITH NATURE’ celebrates a specific beauty. The kind that only emerges via the alchemy of humans and nature. The launching series of films and triptych imagery recast Belvedere as a cultural brand, one that connected with a new generation of luxury consumers, who want unexpected, meaningful experiences that deliver a sense of personal transformation.

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