Flamingo Estate

Flamingo Estate is a creative retreat that provides a genius loci ("protective spirit") for culture and horticulture, as well as wellness products using 100% natural ingredients from its thriving garden.

Working with Paris-based design duo Karl & Oliver of Studio KO, Chandelier collaborated in the estate's restoration as an earthly paradise sat high in the hills above Los Angeles. Every detail of the house has received the closest attention to detail, from interior design details to its unique garden, which is tended by a full-time gardener.

While the house has become a creative hub, studio and party space, its garden's ambition grew to supplying natural products. With the same attention to detail that went into concepting and branding the property, Chandelier created the Flamingo Estate wellness brand—offering an assortment of body, home and kitchen products aimed at enhancing your mind, body and creativity. Chandelier conducted in-depth product research, testing and development.

Every ingredient is grown and hand-picked from the estate’s sprawling garden, now home to over 150 new botanical species, including a vibrant orchard of apples, plums, citrus, pears, avocados, macadamia, nuts, olives, and peaches. The estate also continues to provide nourishment and a home for a variety of welcome guests, including hummingbirds, owls, butterflies, and bees.

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