Gary Go at Mermaid Ranch

23 January, 2017

Our friend Gary Go, a songwriter and producer for Rihanna, Kylie Minogue, Ruby Rose, Skrillex, and Benny Benassi, was looking for a place to make his own music. We thought Chandelier's Mermaid Ranch might be the ideal setting to help him create his next solo album, so we invited him to be our next artist in residence.

Gary packed up his recording studio, keyboard, and writing pad, and headed out to East Hampton. Installing his makeshift studio in the living room of the Ranch (with a view of the lake, of course), he got to work… and also gave us a window into his process, with a few reflections on his residency experience.

“I really needed to go into myself and into my project in a really private setting in a place where I could just focus on my record.”

“The Mermaid Ranch just felt like a safe ecosystem that encourages authentic creativity. The vibe in the halls just feels like you should do something true to yourself when you're within those walls, for some reason.”

“I truly believe in rituals. Going outside, getting the fireplace going, then getting to work. That was my morning ritual.”

“My biggest challenge, as far as my process over the last few years, has been shutting out the noise. And that's what I was doing while I was at Mermaid Ranch.”

“It’s easy to say: ‘Well, everyone can create in their bedroom,’ which they can. But sometimes, you just need someone to take you out of your space or into a different world to catapult what you've been doing in your bedroom.”

“Having creative partners and affiliates who understand the creative process that can give independent artists space to create—it’s invaluable.”

Words by The Editors. Film by Harrison Sheehan. GIFs by Giles Pates.

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