Haute Lives at Home: Idyllic Interiors with Wendy Goodman & Mitch Owens

07 February, 2019

What do haute lives at home look like? We welcomed Wendy Goodman to our Penthouse Library for a memorable tour of some of the most incredible interiors of the 20th century. Wendy is the legendary design editor at New York magazine. She was joined by Architectural Digest’s very own decorative arts editor, Mitch Owens.

“Cecil Beaton invited friends to trace their hands in his bath all over the walls and the ceiling, and then sign it, which I thought was a really good idea. I'm still trying to blow it up and figure out who everyone is.”

Mitch Owens

“This is the Amalienburg pavilion in Munich at Nymphenburg Palace. This is what Beaton had seen in his youth, which impressed him enormously, and he so wanted to have an evocation of this inside that incredibly dull 19th-century house. It was one of the most extraordinary places in London. Edward VIII, briefly the King of England, came in and said, "If only I could live like this.”

Mitch Owens

“Gloria Vanderbilt's room was like something you could not believe when you were in it. Even when I was that little, like hardly born, it was amazing. There wasn't an inch of that room that had not been covered with a quilt.”

Wendy Goodman

“This building is so amazing when you visit it. The owner and his architect took the idea of hunting to its extremes. The dining room is completely surrounded by brackets, all of which are taxidermy birds, ducks, and cranes. There must be a hundred of them. What's wonderful is there's a suite of rooms that's completely paneled with feathers.”

Mitch Owens

“One of the things that is really very beautiful about Mouton and other French wineries is you think of a chateau. You think of people with titles living in a castle. But if you visit them, they're agricultural properties. They're farms. The vines come right up to the wall of the house because you can't waste any soil. It's really wonderful, this extraordinary house and these vines. You're constantly aware of how the money is made. How everything is continued.”

Mitch Owens

Words by The Editors, Wendy Goodman and Mitch Owens.

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