Oscar Healthcare

With an app that lets you talk to a doctor and get diagnosed and treated right over the phone, Oscar makes health insurance easy. What isn’t easy? Helping people used to dealing with waiting rooms and insurance bureaucracy see just how easy it is to save time and money with Oscar, especially in markets that didn’t know the brand. Existing campaigns had already been widely copied, and weren’t resonating with Medicaid and Medicare members. As any doctor would tell you: the prognosis wasn’t good. They needed an approach that would stand out and offer consistency from year to year, state to state.

The cure? Chandelier developed a strategic and creative platform distilling Oscar’s mission in a relevant way. With Oscar and a phone in hand, your doctor’s office could be anywhere (even a hair salon or bus stop). In brand films and radio, we gave the brand a bright, unconventional new look, tone, and feel that captures not only its unique personality, but new customers.

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