Hotel Gloria

Nestled in Los Angeles' Whitley Heights is Hotel Gloria, a hotel of cultural curiosity, pleasure and surprise. Taking cues from the surroundings, Hotel Gloria was sparked to life from the discovery of one name etched into the sidewalk in front of the property: "Gloria".

Chandelier was tasked to humanize and personify Gloria, breathing life into the woman whose energy surrounds the hotel. This personality, this magic–is not only found in the mysticism of her claimed sidewalk property, but also within the walls of the hotel.

Hotel Gloria is a monument to the marvels of Los Angeles. A place to get lost and a place to connect.

The identity and design of Hotel Gloria was rooted in Gloria's charm as mysterious, festive, but above all, inviting. We defined the service standards by echoing Gloria's interests and spark through its interiors, wayfinding, collateral, and amenity offerings. Unique elements of design brought the brand identity to life through thoughtful touchpoints creating an immersive experience–care to join us for dinner?

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