Kylie Minogue Kiss Me Once Tour Visuals

If any project stands out as our guiltiest pleasure, it was working with Kylie Minogue on her Kiss Me Once world tour. Our first foray into large-scale music concerts, it was a creative wonderland to collaborate with William Baker and artists like Hattie Stewart, Reilly, and Mat Maitland to create the stage projections and animations, bringing Ms. Minogue’s creative vision to life for tens of thousands of fans every night. Kylie remains our favorite collaborator (and one of the nicest people we've worked with).

After working with our friend William Baker on the staging of the tour, we turned our imaginations to the graphic identity of the show. Again, it was a true delight to work with some of our favorite long-time collaborators - like hattie Stewart, Reilly, and Mat Maitland. We can't wait for the next one.

Hey babe. More work down below.
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