Lane Crawford

When you’re a heritage retailer, fighting for credibility and relevance, it takes more than a new campaign to move the dial. Chandelier’s groundbreaking, 360-degree approach repositioned Hong Kong’s oldest department store and turned it into the world’s most innovative, dynamic luxury retail chain.

Our creative platform defined how Lane Crawford would represent itself at every consumer touchpoint, from customer greeting, to store experience, real life activations and campaigns.

A new visual language for a new brand spirit.

As “visual architects” of Lane Crawford’s modernization strategy, we created retail activations and playful designs that engaged customers and made luxury goods come alive, winning the brand a younger, hipper clientele and consistent critical acclaim, including three RACie awards for Retailer Excellence, The Global Fashion Award for Outstanding Visuals, and the National Retail Federation’s “International Retailer of the Year” Award.

For Spring Summer 2019, we took inspiration from aura photography visualizing emotions and mood through color. There are 8 aura colors to discover, each reflecting different characteristics. We invited customers to take a journey of self-discovery: uncovering deeper self-understanding through curated and personalized in-store activations and social experiences.

Our campaign was created by the enigmatic and magical lens of photographer Harley Weir and acclaimed stylist and Creative Director of Dazed and Confused magazine Robbie Spencer.

Landmark HK-retailer Lane Crawford needed to recapture consumers during its upcoming holiday season. So we helped them find their voice, too, and give people a reason to celebrate. Using the universal language of music and dance, we’re driving excitement and positivity, to bring people together — and back to the store — through a modern mix of energy and color. No one knows what the future will bring in Hong Kong, but with Lane Crawford, it’s guaranteed to be chic.

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