On ‘Oil & Water’: A Q&A with the Filmmakers

22 November, 2016

Chandelier recently screened the PBS award-winning documentary Oil & Water, following two teens as they fight to reform Big Oil in Ecuador and ensure the survival of the indigenous Cofan tribe. Following the screening, the film’s subjects, Hugo Lucitante and David Poritz, joined us onstage for a Q&A. Watch our mini-doc above, or enjoy highlights below.

“Equitable Origins is a voluntary system that can be used to raise the bar on all of the legal requirements that governments can mandate.” — David

“My parents grew up in the pollution, but prior to that, even just recently, they were trying to understand what the impact is. We don't even have a vocabulary for that.” — Hugo

“We’re using our standards as a framework for educating and engaging indigenous leaders, to build capacity within communities themselves.” — David

“Having the opportunity to explore, to go [to] these wells, and see it for myself… if it weren't for my education or David, I would have never had that experience.” — Hugo

“Executives are increasingly recognizing that if you do not engage communities transparently, there's real financial harm that can come out of it.” — David

Words by The Editors. Images from Oil & Water, a film by Francine Strickwerda & Laurel Spellman Smith, a Stir It Up production, (c) Bullfrog films.

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