Patching Things Up

24 January, 2017

Here at Chandelier, we’re all about projects. Whether it’s a menu of local cocktails, a new line of planters, or a foray into harvesting our own honey, we very rarely say “no.” So when our designer Taylor Childers approached us about creating a collection of patches, you can guess what our answer was. We sat down with Taylor to chat over her design process, and learn more about her inspiration for the patches, soon available in our webshop.



How did the idea for a patch collection come about?

Victoria (our office coordinator), Pam (one of our designers), and I were walking to grab a quick lunch and chatting about enamel pins. They were (and still are) everywhere! Should we design some? We couldn’t decide.

As we chatted, we saw an older woman, maybe 70, wearing this amazing denim jacket with “La Stroller” embroidered on the back. And oh man, strolling she was. Right then we knew that Chandelier patches on denim jackets with our names embroidered on the back had to happen. Patches would be our enamel pin.

Tell us about you choice of color, shape, copy, and font.

While we wanted each patch to look and feel different, they still needed to work as a system. We have a pretty consistent color palette and for the most part use Brown, our brand typeface. Of course, there are a few exceptions.

Can you walk me through each design?


The Chandelier Logo

This was a no brainer. If Chandelier was a football team, all of our employees would definitely earn a varsity letter. We took our classic boxed logo and made it a chenille patch.

Hello Lover

Our fearless leader’s famous greeting. Every morning Richard’s loud “HELLO LOVERS” echoes across the kitchen, full of employees getting their creative juices (coffee) flowing. Such a nice way to start the day. Even better way to embellish a jacket.

Chandelier Logo (2.75” x 2.75”)
Hello Lover (3” x 2.6”)


WIP (short for Work in Progress) is a way of life for every Chandelier employee. Designs, project proposals, scripts. Anything that comes out of our Chandelier brain that isn’t polished gets a WIP sticker slapped on it. Always 100% Magenta. Always in Brown bold.

Behind the Hockney

Chandelier celebrated spring with an addition to our already colorful library: an original Hockney room divider! We all love the way it looks but we love even more what happens beyond the Hockney (massages, acupuncture, lettering workshops, meditation, and some hanky panky).

WIP (1.5” x 1.5”)
Behind the Hockney (2” x 2.75”)

Deflower me

What happens behind the Hockney stays behind the Hockney.

Pitch Pitch Pitch

Actually, Victoria was inspired by a pin that Johnny Thunders from the New York Dolls used to wear (the original was “bitch, bitch, bitch” with inverted black and white colors). This one’s for the late nights and sleepless weeks we spend prepping pitches, when we could all use a little glitter and sparkle (and a full night's sleep).

Deflower Me (2” x 3”)
Pitch Pitch Pitch (2” x 2”)

Hot Lips

These chaps were designed by Jeff for our first Think Olio talk, Shelley & Free Love. Everyone loved them so much, we just had to transform the illustration into a patch. Pucker up, babes!

Thunder Down Under

This was a specific request from Richard. To be honest, I didn’t really know anything about Thunder Down Under other than it was Australian, but I was pleasantly surprised when I Googled it for the first time.

Hot Lips (4” x 2”)
Thunder Down Under (2.5” x 2.25”)

Which patch came together fastest?

WIP was definitely the quickest. When we use a WIP sticker, we’re usually in a rush. We didn’t want to put too much effort into the design of this. Better to keep it authentic. In the end, we gave it a little sparkle with metallic thread.

Which one’s you favorite, and why?

That’s like asking a designer what their favorite typeface is. Hard pass.

Which one's missing?

So many! But don’t worry, they’ll be released eventually.

Words by the Editors.

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