Rocking the Boat with Virgin Voyages

All hands on deck! Virgin conquered the music industry, flew in the face of conventional air travel, and has even set its sights on space. Now our favorite troublemakers and pirate-pioneers are making waves by changing the cruise industry forever… and we’ve been on-board since the beginning. Our industry-redefining strategic direction, research, and brand guidelines have lead to programming more than half of the ship, from the cabins to restaurants, entertainment to spa, for one-of-a-kind spaces and programming. We put together a guru group to gather intelligence, forecast trends, connect the brand with key curators and influencers, and partner with stakeholders to conceptualize an entirely new customer experience full of surprise-and-delight moments. We even named the company. While we can’t share our creative just yet, we promise it’ll float your boat. (No boring buffets, here.) Virgin Voyages sets sail in 2020… but we just got back from the ground-breaking in Genoa, and can’t wait to show you how we’re making ship happen.

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