Private Suite P/S

The Private Suite launched in Spring 2017 as the first private airport for commercial travel in the United States out of LAX. Since opening, the service has garnered international media attention for redefining commercial travel and bringing a unique blend of hospitality, safety and privacy to an otherwise challenging airport environment.

Private Suite approached Chandelier to help them as they expanded not only their physical presence to Miami and New York but also to help elevate the brand to connect with new customers on an emotional level. This would allow them to go beyond luxury air travel and into a more experiential market such as luxury events, festivals and sports.

To ensure the grand aspirations of our client were met, Chandelier LA launched a complete brand overhaul, starting with a rebrand and name change from Private Suite to PS. Researching deep into the customer travel and spending habits of this ultra luxury client, we created new rituals, iconography and wayfinding for the brand.

We formalized this all into a full brand book encapsulating all aspects of the PS brand from how the new logo and brand designs are presented across the numerous consumer touch points through to scripts for staff, scent exploration, social media strategy plus staff uniform and customer asset design. Finally Chandelier shepherded the execution of all of this work, working with fabricators, architects and suppliers; ensuring symmetry, synergy and alignment to produce a flawless brand experience.

P/S launched with the new brand on January 28th 2020.

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