The Chandelier Surf Shack

27 September, 2016

Some accidents are happy. One Christmas, our founder Richard Christiansen was headed back to NYC from home in sunny Australia. Desperate to stay connected to the salt water, he headed straight to Montauk after touching down at JFK. That same day, he made an offer on a house with a garden, but the sale fell through. The real estate agent reluctantly mentioned another property: a lonely cedar A-frame shack, untouched for decades, beside a lake. Sight unseen, Chandelier had a new summer home.

Over the next four years, The Chandelier Surf Shack was home to hundreds of guests and collaborators. Almost all the furniture and art was sourced at flea markets in Los Angeles and Hawaii. Movies were projected on a canvas screen each weekend. A roaring fire would burn in the firepit into the early mornings. The Chandelier chickens roamed the gardens happily, and our bees made many seasons of Montauk honey, dining on a strict diet of lavender, bee balm, Russian safe, honesuckle, and echinacea. New friends would dine and dance under the stars, and skinny-dip in the fluorescent lake, glowing with bioluminescent phytoplankton under the full moon. It was truly the happiest place on Earth.

"There are pickup lines written on bathroom mirrors: Hey, I lost my number – can I have yours?" — Vogue Living, May/June 2012

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