The Metamorphosis of Morpheus

The Morpheus Hotel, one of the final commissions of world-renowned architect Zaha Hadid, stands boldly against the skyline in Macau. The construction boasts the world’s only steel exoskeleton high-rise, using more steel than the Golden Gate Bridge and enough glass to frame 120,000 Mona Lisas.

The building became our muse. Inspired by its sculptural, abstract, and futuristic look, our creative approach compliments Morpheus’ emphasis on natural light and refraction by pushing boundaries to transcend the ordinary. We touched every aspect of hotel design: from branding, way-finding and signage to the logo in multiple languages and lockups. We developed fresh color palettes, new typeface suites, custom brand visuals, imagery, and animated logos. Our fashion-forward, futuristic, 360-vision informed hundreds of deliverables, including stationary, umbrellas, helicopter wraps, bill folders, business cards, cake boxes, cigar boxes, coffee cups, email signatures, gift certificates, property maps, shopping bags, spa menus, wine lists and so much more.

We redefined the service standards of the hotel itself and Alain Ducasse's accompanying Michelin-starred restaurant, to ensure every element complemented the brand’s singular expression while effortlessly enhancing the guests' experience. At every turn, we strove to elevate the taste level, choosing amenities, curating art installations, and design-engineering interiors, textures, and materials throughout the hotel, to create a truly epic guest experience. We hope you'll agree the result is like nothing the industry has yet experienced.

  • All photos: (c) Adrian Gaut.
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