West of Memphis: Premiering Peter Shire’s Mini-doc

13 January, 2018

At Chandelier, we’re very fond of Peter Shire. A Los-Angeles native, born in Echo Park where he currently lives and works, Shire was the only American artist in the iconic Eighties’ Italian design and architecture Memphis Group. His character is almost as colorful as his work. With the help of our friends at Autre Magazine and director Johnny Le, we spent a day at Shire’s studio, and produced this short film, West of Memphis, to capture the fun and genius of the artist at work.

We invited our L.A. artist friends and clients to join us for a “post-modern” premiere at Flamingo Estate, featuring a bruncheon menu designed by Shire and chef Steven Segar, full of surprises, fun textures, bright colors and flavors reflecting Peter’s personality, with a signature cocktail capturing his iconic Bel Air Chair: peach vinegar, prosecco, vodka, and (of course) ping-pong balls. Enjoy some pics from the afternoon below and make sure you check out his two big upcoming shows this year (at Kayne Griffin Corcoran in Los Angeles and at Harper’s Apartment in New York.)

Special thanks to Absolut Elyx for their single estate, copper crafted, luxury vodka.

Peter Shire in conversation after the screening (photo Johnny Le)
Steven Segar, our chef for the event (photo Autre magazine)
Our plumeria and palm tree (photo Autre magazine)
Peter Shire and Chandelier's Founder, Richard Christiansen (photo Autre magazine)
Ariana Papademetropoulos (photo Autre magazine)
Arnoud Verhaeghe (photo Autre magazine)
Habanero pickled beet lollipops in a Peter Shire ceramic sculpture (photo Autre magazine)
Hunter D. Philp and David Philp (photo Autre magazine)
Jane Fonda by Andy Warhol (photo Autre magazine)
Sushi presented on platters designed by the artist (photo Miller McCormick)
“Nightclubbing” by Grace Jones (photo Autre magazine)
“Erotic Love” tile by Peter Shire (photo Autre magazine)
Oliver Furth and Ben Lee Ritchie Handler (photo Autre magazine)
Kate Parfet and Alex Karpovsky (photo Autre magazine)
Johnny Le, who directed our mini-doc “West of Memphis” (photo Autre magazine)
Maripol (right) seems to really enjoy the short film (photo Johnny Le)
Zan Goodman, left, our Design Director, and Alison Nix (photo Johnny Le)
BJ Panda Bear (photo Autre magazine)
The current issue of Autre magazine features Peter Shire (photo Autre magazine)
Peter Shire with Autre magazine’s Summer Bowie and Oliver Kupper (photo Johnny Le)
Jessica Trent and our Culture Director Alexandre Stipanovich (photo Autre magazine)
Our partner for the event, Absolut Elyx (photo Autre magazine)
Our menu imagined with Peter Shire

Words by The Editors.

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