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Each month, we invite luminaries of all kinds (historians, activists, explorers, creators, counterculture icons) to shine a light on a topic of their choice. These are the game-changers, the troublemakers, the truth-tellers, the challengers of the status quo that push the boundaries further. Get tickets to our next events below or read about the ones we've hosted in the past.
Canal Street Market, NYC
11:00 PM
Paper vs. Pixels with The NYTimes, Apartamento, and Garage Mag
We'll explore consumer reading habits and publishing's use of technology and design with speakers Renda Morton, Executive Director of Product Design at The New York Times, Omar Sosa, Founder & Creative Director of Apartamento Magazine, Thessaly La Force, Editor-in-Chief at Garage Magazine and moderator Zan Goodman, Design Director at Chandelier.
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Chandelier NYC, Penthouse
11:30 PM
Strike A Pose: An Evening for Elvin Garcia
Our pick for city council is Elvin Garcia, the only openly gay candidate running in NYC. We're hosting an evening to support him in the only way that makes sense: A vogue ball performance by the iconic House of Ninja.
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Chandelier NYC, Penthouse
11:30 PM
How Logos Contribute to Society with Michael Bierut
Design genius Michael Bierut will explore how designed logos — from Mastercard to Hillary Clinton's — enter the public sphere, influence peoples' minds, and impact culture and history.
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11:30 PM
The Met Curator Takes Us Behind the Newest Hockney Retrospective
The Met curator Meredith Brown has been working the worldwide retrospective of the living legend. She will tell us how this fantastic exhibition came to fruition, before it opens in New York this fall.
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Past Events
In this talk, fashion and culture historian Laura Helms dives into these three iconic Italian fashion houses, bringing in actual pieces from her archive and others.
Neil Shea has been writing and photographing for National Geographic for a decade. While working on a project in northern Kenya, Neil realized Instagram offered a revolutionary way to tell stories—both for the magazine's traditional audience and the engagement of a new one. In this talk, Neil describes how the platform has the rejuvenated our capacity to tell stories on social, and nuance them in print.
A survey of key objects from Post-Modern design movement-makers like the Memphis Group, asking how we define good and bad taste, and why the supposed “bad taste” of Post-Modern design is now seemingly back in style.
How do people interact with the designed products, buildings, and frameworks of everyday life? What barriers stand in our way, for us and for others? We will interrogate contemporary design across multiple genres with MoMA curator Michelle Fisher.
A talk with Sophie Hollingsworth, founder of AquaAid International, an organization that works with community partners to design and implement culturally appropriate, result-bearing, and cost-effective water and sanitation projects in places like Namibia and Madagascar.
We’re proud to announce the release of Chandelier’s first documentary film, “Join the Social Sex Revolution,” (SFW) exploring the mission ofMakeLoveNotPorn, Cindy Gallop’s feminist alternative to clichéd porn, celebrating "real world sex" in all its glorious, beautiful, silly, messy, reassuring humanness. Directed by The Front’s Thalia Mavros, the 15-minute feature was filmed during MakeLoveNotPorn’s week-long residency at Mermaid Ranch. After the recent premiere at the Ace Hotel, we sat down with Cindy and Thalia to talk about the film and why the future of sex is shareable.
Jessica Murphy is an art historian with a passion for perfume and pop-culture. In two installments of our Truth-tellers & Troublemakers Salon, she gave us a comprehensive look at more than 100 years of the iconic scents that bottled the zeitgeist of their times. Here is part 2, from 1950 up to today.
Chandelier screened the PBS award-winning documentary Oil & Water, which follows two teens over eight years, as they fought to reform Big Oil in Ecuador and ensure the survival of the indigenous Cofan tribe.
Jessica Murphy is an art historian with a passion for perfume and pop-culture. In two installments of our Truth-tellers & Troublemakers Salon, she gave us a comprehensive look at more than 100 years of the iconic scents that bottled the zeitgeist of their times. Here is part 1, from 1890 up to 1950.
Beth Hoeckel is the queen of cut-and-paste. The full-time collage artist has created art for Vogue, Wired, Cosmopolitan, The Atlantic, and many other publications. She came up to our NYC Penthouse for an evening of cosmic (and also extremely therapeutic) collaging.
Jim Walrod was on his way to interview for a job at Bloomingdales in New York when he bumped into Andy Warhol, who reconvened his life. (He was 16 at the time.) In this talk we discussed the highs and lows of boutique shopping culture, and how window dressings defined an era.
Chandelier has been a die-hard evangelist for the iconic 1980s TV show and its impact on fashion, economy, couture, and television, so we were delighted to have fashion historian Laura Helms come and break it down for us.
"Fashion is not an island; it's a response!" says Amanda Hallay, the self proclaimed Indiana Jones of fashion history and a professor at LIM. “It must be looked at in context.” For the punk movement, that context is the chaotic streets of 1970s London.
Remember that time you were pouring your heart out or in the middle of a great joke and someone cut you off to correct your grammar? We've all been there. This talk discusses why we're sensitive to the ways our languages do or don't make sense.
Porn tends to present only one world view. Cindy Gallop is here to say: “not necessarily.” The TED speaker, thought-leader, and founder of gave a truly titillating talk in helping us understand how sex and porn could be reimagined for our daily lives.
Are you allowed to say "FOMO" if it happened half a century before you were born? Professor Charles Riley, an arts journalist, curator, and our guide through 1920s Paris, thinks so. This talk surveyed the cultural renaissance that was the Jazz Age in the city of lights.
He was a vegetarian, expelled from school for preaching atheism. He left his wife and child to elope with the author of Frankenstein. According to pop-culture Professor Geoff Klock, Percy Bysshe Shelley was a baller (but he wasn’t a monster).
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