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On January 24, 1848, a carpenter named James W. Marshall became the first man to strike gold in California, but he wasn’t the last. We’ve all come west for fortune. Los Angeles is still, as David Hockney once said, "the edge of the Western world." A place for make-believe and magic to happen. A place for us to create our own.

In 2016, we moved toward the sunshine, drawn by visions of oasis-like swimming pools, tropical canyons, and tanned, beautiful people. What we found here is so much more: an open, activist spirit, a desire to make the common good great, and our own chance to strike gold and create something new. As L.A.’s most-famous dream maker, Walt Disney, once said, “it’s kind of fun to do the impossible.” We couldn’t agree more.


“It’s kind of fun to do the impossible.”

Walt Disney

Hello L.A.

Our office is housed in the historic CBS radio studio on Sunset Boulevard, built in 1938 by William Lescaze. By the time it was opened, the building’s construction cost two million dollars, more money than had ever been spent on a broadcasting facility. Its sweeping, streamlined motifs, porthole windows, and glass bricks were a sensation. The grand opening included a full day of special broadcasts, culminating in a star-studded, evening special salute featuring Bob Hope, Al Jolson, and Cecil B. DeMille. Crowds thronged Sunset Boulevard and a blimp bathed in searchlights hovered overhead as the program was carried coast-to-coast on CBS, beamed to Europe via shortwave, and carried across Canada on the CBC.

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Chandelier L.A. is about progress. We’re creating a space for defiance, activism, and game-changing ideas. The team is growing as we build our roster of local talent, independent radicals, and young organizations. Want to join us?

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