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In the 1950s, an American Jazz singer had a torrid affair with an Italian artist, causing a scandal in high society on both sides of the Atlantic. The pair escaped to the Mermaid Bay, a secluded inlet on Long Island. Here, they built and furnished their own private escape, dedicating themselves to music, art, culture, and food. Mermaid Ranch became an exciting retreat, hosting actors, musicians, sculptors, film makers, and writers.

That spirit of creative exploration, exuberant wit, and artistic collaboration lives on, now that the Ranch is Chandelier’s summer retreat. It's used exclusively by our team, clients, and friends in the creative community as a place to discover, dream, and do the impossible.

The property is home to a collection of Italian and American design honoring the property’s original lovers. Inside and out, you'll find iconic furniture and design by Michel Ducaroy, Gio Ponti, Harry Bertoia, Milo Baughman, William Wesley Peters, Paul T. Frankl, John Risley, rare tapestries by Evelyn Ackerman, and sculptures by Paul Kasper. Our regular artists in residence have also left their mark, with art installations from EyeBodega, Louise Wilkinson, and Ricardo Cavolo.

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“The only thing we kept when we moved in was the shag carpet in the great room, which was custom made for the house when it was built in the early '60s.”

Richard Christiansen


Mermaid Ranch is about togetherness. During summers, we host a regular "Summer of Love" calendar of guest speakers and curators working in the fields of love, sex, and intimacy. Throughout the year, our Artists in Residence program invites leading painters, sculptors, designers, and writers to live and work at the Ranch, inspired by our space and the freedom to explore, create, and express themselves.

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Boats at Mermaid Bay by Daniel Heidkamp
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